Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh My!

Oh my!  Last night I realized, that with my little vacay to Vegas on the 9th, I have only four working days in my classroom before it's back to work! Perfect timing for Amanda's Linky on Classroom Organization. So, today my daughters and I trekked it up to school to set up furniture and organize my desk, with my new caddy from my sweet mom.  Of course, I thought I had it all figured out...packed snacks, a cooler, two fans, toys, books, a doll, etc., to keep the girls occupied while I worked.  They were angels - not one complaint!  How, I'll never know...there was no air conditioning, my room was a disaster area, I left my keys at home (or maybe they're lost somewhere in the boxes I've already dropped off), so I couldn't unlock my cabinets, I must have left the room 100 times looking for something or someone, and it had to be BORING!

Callie sweetly separated a bag of about 8 decks of cards into actual decks.  My sister-in-law had a great idea for keeping them that way:  put one type of small sticker on the back of each card in a deck, and a corresponding sticker on a travel soap dish, so Callie did that, too.  She's my organizer, so she actually enjoyed that (a personal nightmare for me).  Clare shelved books for me, played on the computer, and brushed her American Girl doll's hair for-ev-er!

What I thought would be about two hours of work turned quickly into four, and our head custodian kindly informed me that the hallway outside my door would be being scrubbed and waxed in the next 2-3 days, so I'll have no access to my classroom, even though it has already been waxed.

Oh my, again!  Plan B:  print out posters I've made, review the newly adopted reading series, make copies of my Back-to-School packet, laminate decorations...only the laminator, which has been broken since March, STILL IS!!! and the reading books STILL ARE NOT HERE!!!

Plan C:  Work on as much as possible from home, and pray for dry floors by Wednesday morning!  That said, I've posted a few new items over at my TPT shop.  Here's a preview:



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