Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fourteen Hours and Flip Flops

Fourteen hours. In 14 hours, my summer is over. Well, sort of...I have 2 professional development days, beginning in 14 hours. Then, I'm back in summer mode until the 11th. Two more days of professional development, a "Meet the Teacher" on the 13th, and back to summer. So, officially, I go back to work, for real, on the 17th, with kiddos coming on the 18th. It's a good thing I like flip flops!
Meanwhile, I kind of dropped the ball on getting my TpT store ready for the big sale, so my sale began a few hours late, BUT I'm extending it through Friday, just in case you are in flip flop mode, too! Be sure to use the code BTS15 through tomorrow (hint, hint...I think TpT is doing a little extension, too) for 28% off. After that, I'm offering 20% off everything in my shop.

Now, I have to ask you, is anyone nervous this year? I am so super nervous I'm about beside myself! I don't know what it is...maybe the new, new SC standards? Maybe the fact that I've never even seen three of the four textbooks I'm supposed to use? Maybe that I moved rooms during the last three days of school, which was really just a case of "shoveandhide" to get junk off the counters and floors? Maybe it's the grade-level change? Maybe the fact that I was going to be departmentalized, but now I'm not? Maybe it's that we haven't been able to get in our building since an hour after the last day of school and we still can't...until the 11th? MAYBE it's all of that!!! Anyway, I know I'm about to load up my cart on TpT and probably wing it for a few days, get those kiddos to help with the room, and just not worry. Okay, I can tell myself that, anyway.