Monday, July 16, 2012

Whooo Missed Me?

Sorry, Friends!  I've been taking care of my precious Clare Bear for a few days, while she recuperated from having a tonsillectomy.  What a trouper!  She was eating mac & cheese by day two, and wanted to go "somewhere fun" by day three.

in the recovery room
same day, recovering at home!

While we were resting recovering playing, I did manage to think of a few things I wanted to share with you.  Everybody's probably seen those pins of giant stretchy book-covers being used for storage on the backs of students' chairs, but I saw the cutest thing the other day at Sunday School!  One of the preschool teachers there uses reusable shopping bags upside-down on her chairs (just to look pretty, not for storage).  She cut the straps and ties them to the bottoms of the chairs.  Here's a picture - isn't that too cute?

preschool candy shop
In the same room, there's a "Candy Shop".  I'll show you hers, and mine.  I don't get the dum-dums, so I left those out of my candy shop.  Do you think she gives those out when someone's being dumb???  Surely not!  Here's how I made my box:
1.  Got the hubby's biggest shoe box (hinged lid is best).
2.  Covered the main box part inside and out with paper of your choice (I used wrapping paper outside, and scrapbook paper inside).  Cover that with clear Contact paper.
3.  Used the lid to cut out a semi-circle (leaving it attached if you have a hinged box) and two rectangles (from the scraps of the semi-circle.  I cut the rectangles from a side that was against the folded-over part, so that it had some extra cardboard and was pre-scored for easier folding.
4.  Covered these with paper and contact paper, too.
5.  Got my glue gun ready!
6.  Made sort of a frame back, from one of the rectangles, and hot glued it near the top of the semi-circle and to the top of the box.  Glued the other rectangle to the top of the box for the first rectangle to rest against.  This contraption holds the semi-circle upright.
7.  Using die cut letters, or stickers, decorated the semi-circle.
my candy shop
8.  Added three plastic or acrylic jars with lids.  Filled one with Starburst, one with Smarties, and the last with Sweet-Tarts.  Added decorative ribbons, ric-rac, etc. to box and jar lids, and labeled the jars with "Bursting Stars", "Such a Smartie", and "You're a Sweet-Tart".  Last year, my attempt at making this box was horrendously UGLY, but my kiddos loved it, all the same, and pointed out when they had been sweet, smart, etc.  I also had Tootsie Rolls last year, and labeled the jar "You're on a Roll", but most of my kiddos didn't like the tootsie roll candy, so this year, my box looks prettier, and my hubby won't steal all the tootsie rolls every time he visits comes to slave for me at school!

So, that's all I have ready for you today, but I have a list at least a mile long to get ready by the end of the week.  Be sure to check back, and be looking for more items on my store at Teachers Pay Teachers by next week, I promise!
- Brooke


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