Monday, July 23, 2012

Whooo Made that MESS???

Ohmyword!  You should have seen my girls' playroom last week.  I told them, the last time I cleaned it up, that I'd never do it again, but just look!

inside the "depths"
the mess continues out into the hall!

Okay, so I "sort of" didn't do it.  I hired a neighbor, who's great at organizing, because even I didn't know where to begin!  Here's what she and I were able to do together:

after FOUR hours, but ZERO dollars spent
can you believe it?
So, this may seem to have nothing to do with school, but here's my take on it...if I can do this at home, granted with some help, I can do this at school!  My classroom is almost always a hot mess, mostly because of ME, but with the help of Adderall and a few tips my neighbor gave me, I think I can get my room to stay the way I want know the way it always starts out, but never ends up.

Tip 1:  Give the children a "tour" of the space, showing them exactly where everything goes, pointing out the labels, especially.

Tip 2:  Tell the kiddos, "If you knew where to get it, you know where to put it." (I just love that one!)

Tip 3:  It's easier to fight the urge to "leave it until tomorrow, (Scarlett O'Hara)," and go ahead and take care of it now.  That way, it doesn't pile up on you, and become so big, you don't know what to do.

Happy Organizing!


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