Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back-to-School Must Have E-Magazine

Although I am not a contributor, I wanted to share this fabulous resource with you:  Several bloggers have come together to make this e-mag a live, searchable, shoppable (is that a real word?) magazine, and it is super-cute, including must haves for your room, your wardrobe, your personal relaxation, and much more!  Just click the photo below to go!

What a great idea - I hope they'll continue throughout the year with must-haves for holidays, etc.!

I have a few must haves on my list, too:

  • subscribe to I Heart Organizing, and follow that woman - she will change your life!
  • be sure you know about Teachers Pay Teachers
  • check Pinterest at least weekly - you DO NOT have to be a member to search, just to pin!  You can search any topic, like "second grade", or "place value", or whatever you need, and see millions of ideas.
  • avoid tax-free shopping weekend - sales will be better next week, and so will the crowds!
  • check out Publix for some real bargain prices, like 3 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons for $1 (who knew they had such great prices?)
  • get one pair of Merrell shoes for when your feet just can't go anymore, but you're still chasing kiddos.
  • go to Hobby Lobby and pull all their free Project Inspiration Sheets sheets - they really are inspirational.
  • tons of ribbon, lots and lots of duct tape, about one million hot glue sticks!!!
Have fun!


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