Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Time, and the Living Ain't Easy!

 Finally, out of school, and the work just never ends!  My brain is overflowing with back-to-school ideas, and plans.  Even though the building is locked, the A/C is off, and my classroom furniture has all been moved out for floor waxing, I just can't stop thinking about all the adorable things I've found lately on TPT, all the things I've learned about common core, and even getting our new reading series.  I have been to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree at least once twice a week since we got out of school, looking for new organization tools & tubs, decorations for my new theme:  Whooo's on Track for Learning (coming soon on  TPT ), and picking up a few bargains for my classroom, as well.

inherited rolling drawers for "file folder"
games take up way less space than file
boxes, and have a nice surface for supplies
locker bins from Dollar Tree
are perfect for leveled books
with leveled library labels from Erica Bohrer

desktop caddy made fromWal-Mart lazy susan