Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pennies in Heaven

Whooo's noticed that the Staples Penny Sale has begun?  This is my favorite time of year!  My daughters and I swung by the local Staples a couple of days ago to see what fab items I could buy for just pennies - this week it's Staples brand glue, Bic pens, and RoseArt 24 box crayons.  We were all very excited...Callie said, "Mommy, I just LOVE buying school supplies!"  What a cutey!  I was SO disappointed to find that the Teacher Penny Program is different this year, but I can live with it.  In case you haven't heard, this year, we can only buy the "regular" penny limited quantity (usually 2) for a penny, rather than up to 25 at a penny each.  We can still buy up to 25, with the rest at regular cost, but Staples will send us our Teacher Rewards Certificates for the difference in price (so, you really get all 25 for a penny each, you just have to wait for your coupon in the mail and go redeem it later).  Make sure you have your Teacher Rewards Card, and have it activated online.  They can help you with that in the store.

So, no, I don't work for Staples part-time.  They don't pay me to write about their sale.  I just think it's amazing that one week those perfect hole-punched poly two-pocket folders I dream about are $1.99, and the next week, they're a penny!  I'm a Staples, Office Depot, Target, and Wal-Mart stalker this time of year.  I look at all the weekly ads almost every day - what about you?

This year, I've added Big Lots to my stalking list for back to school.  I noticed on Pinterest last night that  Maria at had a follow up to her fancy Sterilite organizer drawers, and had bought a chair at Big Lots.  She was kind enough to include a link, which I followed to more Pennies in Heaven!  Check it out here.  The variety of supplies, decor, organization tools, etc. is FAB, as are the prices!

Happy Shopping,


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