Friday, August 24, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

Man, Thursdays have always been the most tiresome for me, as a teacher!  I've always noticed more discipline problems on Thursdays, and my own children seem extra whiney, too.  I think it must be because we're all pretty much "done" for the week, only it's not over yet, and it's not even TGIF!

For my therapy, I have monthly massages at Massage Envy.  My therapist there, Sheila, is incredible, and also serves as my personal therapist (really, she just listens to me gripe and sympathizes at all the right times), and is an expert on religion, so my massages actually serve three very important needs in my life!

Pedicures are second on my list of indulgences.  I don't have them often, but always take my girls with me for some Mommy-Daughter time.  It's priceless, and fleeting...soon, I know they'll leave me at home and go with their friends.  I'm getting in every hug and kiss, every cuddle and kindness while I can.  With my oldest turning ten Sunday, I already feel her slipping away from me way more often than I ever expected at this age.

I am an artist at heart, and try to make time to paint whenever possible.  I absolutely adore throwing pottery (on a wheel, not at anyone!), too, but it's tough to find places that offer that.  I've always wanted my own pottery wheel, since I was a little girl.  This is the latest painting I've done.  It's in Clare's room, which she wants redecorated in Chinese style.  I also LOVE to decorate, and wanted to be a store window merchandiser (like Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore show) until I realized stores in South Carolina don't really have merchandise windows, and my chances of landing the Macy's NYC window were pretty slim!

I love to cook, although it's a rarity.  Sunset Beach, NC is my sanity zone...oh, how I wish I could live at the beach!

Spending time with my hubby's always therapeutic, and when I'm really desperate for comic relief, I look through these photos I took with my phone at the airport recently - they're the funniest t-shirts I've ever seen!


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