Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whooo's Mind is Spinning Yet?

WOW!  After five days in sunny Las Vegas with the hubby, it was straight back to work, like the very next day kind of back to work!  I walked into my classroom full of anticipation, excitement, and, yep, already the first day jitters!  How on earth would I get everything just right AND go to all those professional development meetings by 3:00 the very next day for Meet the Teacher???

By way of a miracle, my precious student-teacher, Sarah, from two years ago called me at 1:30, on her way through town, just to chat and see if she could visit.  LOVE HER!!!  Of course after hugs and catching up, she immediately asked what she could do to help me.  She made the parent packet copies I needed, straightened up (I call it "shoveandhide") and placed the packets on tables.  She hot glued, laminated, cut, hung, and totally saved the day!  Here she is:

One parent, who kind of works at our school, stuck her head in my door just as I slipped my school t-shirt over my head.  She wasn't at all totally surprised by my half-covered torso!  Anyway, just as the principal announced that he was unlocking the doors, I looked around and everything looked perfect!  My sweet new babies began to show up, some excited, others nervous, but all adorable!  So Meet the Teacher went off without a hitch, thanks to Sarah!

Today, on the other hand, we had a meeting from 8:30-10:00, another one from 10:00-10:30, and still another from 1:00-3:00.  That left me just enough time to make little messes all over that perfect classroom, by starting about 100 projects I want to have finished by the time my sweet second graders return Tuesday for the First Day of School!  Needless to say, I'll be working all weekend to get things straight again, and be ready for those First Day Jitters, for real!

I did have time to look in my favorite teachers' classrooms and got some cute ideas.  This little banner is for tracking A/R points.  My kiddos will move teeny-tiny clothespins from flag to flag as they accumulate A/R points - plus it looks adorable hanging above my windows!  You can get one, too in either chevron or bright polka dots by visiting my TPT store.

Good Luck Everybody!


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