Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Plans for a Super-Short Week

Tonight, I'm thankful for only planning just two days of lessons! This weekend has been a whirlwind. My daddy turned 70 on Wednesday, and I hosted about 70 people at my house for a surprise party last night, after decorating and cleaning all day. 

Then I got up and taught Sunday School to fifth graders this morning and put up our Christmas Snow Village this afternoon. My parents left for Texas today to spend Thanksgiving with my baby brother, and we're going to my sis-in-law's house, so we went straight to Christmas today! I'll take some photos after I add the "real fake snow" and trees. For now, take a peek at my little bitty week:

To have only two days of lessons is a gift! Of course, I'm linking up with the fabulous Mrs. Wills to share my plans with you all. If you click on the visual plans below, you'll go to the same plans in Google Docs, in which you can actually click the resource links, including a link to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! If you haven't heard of, you HAVE to know - you copy and paste a youtube link, and get the full video with no commercials, no "junk" on the sides, and no suggested videos at the end :) {LOVE}

This beautifully illustrated book is the focus of my Thanksgiving unit this week, and is my favorite account of the pilgrimage to America. It is written from a child's perspective, is historically accurate, and very informational. It's also the basis for my Mayflower Anchor Chart I wrote about last year {HERE}, with some freebies, and is a wonderful book for a wide range of grades and common core standards.  It's my contribution to the Mentor Text Linky from Collaboration Cuties.  Click on the turkey to see other books teachers are recommending this week!

Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. Aw! Happy birthday to your dad!! How fun that you have him a surprise party! How did he like it? Was he surprised? The decorations were adorable!

    I'm amazed at you guys who do your online plans like that! I have yet to get that organized to blog about it!

    I have not seen this book! I'm definitely going to have to check it out! I'm so glad you linked it up!!

    Have a great week!
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I think Daddy was actually surprised, and I know he had a great time. You know, I do my plans in Google Docs, and have found it to be the easiest way, even though I love, love, loved until I learned to use docs. You'll love the book Three Young Pilgrims - see if your school library has a copy. It really is wonderful!
      Thanks for hosting,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, and woohoo for 2 days! I'm going to check out Three Young Pilgrims, that looks great!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! And woo-hoo is SO right! I read the whole book to my littles today, and they were enthralled - I think I even saw a tear when the mother and newborn died. It's a really sweet story!


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