Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peek at My Applicious Week

Well, last week I had no problem posting my plans...this week, it can't be done! I've been sitting here for at least an hour trying to get you a picture, but the best I can do is the link. Once you click the link, all the links within will be active. We'll be going to see the play "Johnny Appleseed" tomorrow, so I've included lots and lots of applicious activities in my plans, and I'll be finishing up a "Johnny Who?" Johnny Appleseed Math and ELAunit to share with you soon.
Visual Plans
My little class was selected for a visit from the superintendent of schools tomorrow, as well. She'll be there an hour before we load the buses, so pray that my babies aren't so excited to go that she thinks we're all nuts! We will {try} to continue our writing projects from the fabulous Heidi, from In That Room with Heidi Harrell. We're in the revising stage, just taking one little baby step a day to write a letter to a farmer, as if we are turkeys, pleading for our lives this Thanksgiving. My babies have come up with some of the cutest ideas as to why the farmer shouldn't eat them! One said to eat ham - the pig was fat and lazy, so he must be really juicy! {LOVE} I whipped up some new writing process printables for the kids to have a fresh visual. You can get them free right {HERE}. I also made a new "I Can Statement" just for tomorrow's lesson - you know, the old dog and pony show...but, really I've promised so many people I'll make ELA I Cans that I really should get busy on that!

On another note, I'd love some feedback on how you all get everything done. I often feel like the worst mother and wife - the school nurse from my big girl's middle school called Friday because Callie had a fever. I immediately tried to get my husband, my mom, or my father-in-law, to go get her from school. You know how hard it is to miss school, right? But how on earth I thought that was the right thing to do is beyond me! Anyway, no one was available, so I scrambled around trying to figure out what to do so I could go get her myself, and da-da-da-da-da-da! Principal to the rescue! He found me a sub in no time, stayed with my class until she got there, and told me to GO! Of course, I made a doctor appointment, but "nothing" was wrong. Until yesterday, when we visited the emergency doctor's office, where we found that "nothing" was really pneumonia!

So, tell me, how do the Amy Lemons, DeeDee Wills, and Deanna Jumps of the world do it all? I can barely keep up with lesson plans and teaching, then add blogging, which actually helps, a TpT store, a family, cooking, cleaning, taking care of a husband and (my own) children...really, how do they? It makes my head spin! All ideas and comments are welcome and encouraged!!! ;)


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