Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sneak Peek at My Week

It's Sunday, so you know I've been working on lesson plans virtually all day! You'd think I'd have it together by now, but it takes me hours every week to put together a five day plan. I think it's because I am constantly finding better materials, better ways to teach a concept, and want my teaching to improve every year. That's a good thing, right???

At any rate, I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share my visual plans for the week.
The links in these plans will be visible, and clickable, in Google Docs, once you click on either page of the plans. 

Monday, our school is celebrating Veterans' Day like we never have before. I'm excited to be a part of the festivities! I am setting up America's White Table on the stage in our cafeteria, where, in the background, we will have music and videos like this one playing: Veteran's Day Tribute 2009 

If you've not heard of America's White Table, take a look at this beautiful book and story by Margot Theit Raven. Her account of the story of the traditional white table is wonderfully written, and easy to follow to set up your own table of honor.
There is also a video to explain the white table ceremony, here:
White Table Ceremony.

My class will be making a Veterans Can/Do/Are chart, as well. We continue our place value study, with an emphasis on mystery numbers this week, in order to solidify the understanding of each digit's value in its place.

Beginning Tuesday, we'll be in full-on Thanksgiving Mode! Although I'll be out of school, I have an awesome substitute who can get us started with some persuasive writing from a turkey to a farmer, about why the farmer should not eat him for Thanksgiving, thanks to Heidi at In That Room with Heidi Harrell.
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