Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not Currently July!

I know, but it's okay!  Farley started early, so I'm linking up early...hey, maybe within the first 100 people!

My house is so quiet right now that I can hear only the A/C running and an occasional yawn from LuLu (no, that's not my ugly plaid couch - it's at the lake, and it's already been recovered!).

I just discovered Pixel Paper Prints' store on Etsy.  Y'all, her work is too adorable!  She's also having a sale right now, buy three, get one free.  Here's some cutie-patootie examples.

Oh my!  My washer kind of broke Thursday, and wouldn't drain the water out or spin the clothes dry, but  it's fixed now, and I finally have almost everything dry, but absolutely nothing folded.  There are five loads of clothes in my kitchen awaiting me, yet here I sit! :)

I have to say, I have it pretty good.  I married the love of my life, we have two smart, sweet, beautiful daughters, we're all relatively healthy, live in a nice home, and have immaterial riches galore, including our families, friends, and Heavenly Father.  What more could a girl want?  When I think of how many people there are who live with so little, or who have illnesses, lack of support, or are just going through rough times, my heart nearly breaks!  It's so easy to complain about our little issues, but I, for one, need to remember the bigger picture.

That said, my cell phone is AWFUL!!!  No one can understand a word I say, because of echoing static.  Verizon is aware of this issue with the phone model I have, but they can't fix it.  In fact, after taking out the battery, losing all my contacts, apps, calendar information, etc., they told me they could send me a used replacement, but that it would void my insurance because it would be the second replacement in 12 months.  Really???  So they know the phone is cruddy.  They know they have to replace them all the time.  They can't fix them.  My contract renews next month, but instead of upgrading early, they'd be happy to send me a "new" old phone (again) and void my insurance?  No thanks.

Back off the rant, if you're wondering who all your lovely new followers are on Bloglovin', but you can't view them, set your Bloglovin' account to send you a notification each time someone new follows you via e-mail.  Then you can keep up with who's following you, compare to your Google Reader followers, etc.  That's my big tip...hope someone can use it, and I'm not the last to figure it out! Oh, and one more can get this counter widget to see the number of followers you have.  Just go into the Buttons menu, and choose your color!
 Happy Fourth of July!
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  1. My friend also had problems with Verizon. She had an old unlimited plan and they wanted to discontinue it. They told her that if she ever decided to upgrade to a new phone, they would upgrade her account and she could not longer have the unlimited plan. Someone gave her a phone and they wouldn't allow her to add it without upgrading her plan. So she cancelled her account and went prepaid. Now I'm an AT&T customer and Verizon's service is much better here, but if I tell them I'm going to cancel my account they bend over backwards for me! Wow that's a long post for a Currently reply, but I'm glad I found you through Farley! :-)

    Have a great summer!
    Surviving Sixth Grade

  2. Thanks for the tip with Bloglovin'. I've also seen that if you follow your own blog you can see at least the last 20+ followers (I think more, but my computer won't load.

    I like how easy it is to see who others are following too because it lets me know about other blogs to check out


  3. Thanks for the tip. I am your newest follower!

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  4. I used to have all kinds of trouble getting great service at Verizon and it seemed like every little thing cost more, but lately I've managed to get really great people when I've happened to go in and it's really helped. I do have an old dumbphone, though!

    That's a great tip for Bloglovin! Thanks for sharing :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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