Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mighty Dollar Keeps Me Mighty Organized!

I feel like the luckiest girl ever!  A Mighty Dollar store just opened in our city.  This is no ordinary dollar store.  It's no Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Just $1.  This store may change my's 20,000 square feet of merchandise at the amazing $1 price point.  No, they're not paying me to write this.  I walked in last week, and my chin hit the floor.  I know I looked like an idiot gawking at all they sold.  I asked three different people if everything was a dollar!  Honestly, I wondered if they'd knocked over a truck to get some of the stuff they have in there!  There's even an entire row of teacher supplies.

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to tell you how the Mighty Dollar is all about optimum organization!

I spent $40.  Then I went back a few days later and spent another $40, but I have EIGHTY amazing things!

I bought one for every desk in my room.  Now everyone can have a "drawer" to keep his or her pencil box, journal, and Early Birds workbook in, like in K.Mo's Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade room...only these aren't paper.  They're plastic, and sturdy, and...wait for it...silver!

Really???  This book was marked $14.99!  It rocks, but it rocks hard for a dollar!  Now I know just what to have each and every volunteer do, whether at home, or at school, and that's pretty organized!

Every scrap booking sticker ever made (I think) is there, too, all just a buck a pack...forget the hubby's label-maker...I'm organizing cute this year!

One dollar per basket - I can set up my supplies like Teach Junkie' the picture to read more about her organization - she's amazing!

And, of course, I've run right out and bought one of the teacher toolboxes from Lowe's, and already made my labels.  It's already set up, in fact, with some help from my girls.  So, even though summer's only three days old for me, I'm already organizing my plan for next year!

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