Sunday, April 28, 2013

Five for Friday: Fab Forty Fantastic Followers

First, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their Five for Friday Linky Party...
This week, I spent three days in Charleston, SC on a field trip with my beautiful fifth grader Callie,
one day in the classroom, and one day out for an unused snow day (gotta love livin' in the south).  We saw at least five thousand amazing things, but I'll just share five with you:
Beautiful St. Michael's Church, the oldest in Charleston
Two Meeting Street favorite scene from the horse & buggy ride
The Angel Oak tree...the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi River
Crocs everywhere...thank goodness for ZOOM lense!
Magnolia Plantation - I was surprised by the English Tudor architectural style!
I'm super-excited to have forty fabulous followers!  I'm having a four-day contest to celebrate you, my loyal, fantastic, fabulous followers!

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Good Luck, My Friends, and follow my store for more!

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  1. Thank you so much Brooke for stopping by my blog and thank you for the advice! If you wouldn't mind helping me with how to change my archive titles that would be great! I went into the section but I couldn't find it (Every time I think I change the thing I want to change, it ends up changing something else! :-) ) Also, If you wouldn't mind me bothering you with a few more questions, how do I create a button like everyone has, a signature for the bottom of my posts, and links/link buttons to my FB page, Pinterest, and one day a TPT store (it's going to be awhile before that - I'm pretty sure I want to get a hang of blogging first lol). Thank you so much again! There is definitely a lot to the blogging world and blogger doesn't always explain everything very well. lol

    1. Justina,
      Believe me, it took me almost a year to get this blog to look the way I want, and I'm still thinking of a professional designer, but I think I need a few more followers to justify the cost. For now, I rely on Megan from most of the time. She has a "Blog, Baby,Blog" page you can click on for TONS of blogger tips.
      Anyway, changing your archive titles is pretty simple. How about e-mailing me at, so we can "talk" more easily? I'm right here, so anytime you're ready is fine.

    2. I so don't want you to think I blew off your help offer! With the school year ending, life got SO crazy!! I'm just now starting to even get back to LOOKING at my blog! :( I would still love the help whenever you get a chance! Even now I'm trying to figure out how to get the BlogLovin' widget on my page for people and can't figure that out (insert embarrassed face here!) But yes I just wanted to apologize again!


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