Monday, October 21, 2013

Made It on My Truth Monday!

Do you hear that drum-roll??? I'm pretty sure it must be the final countdown of my 150 Fabulous Followers Giveaway, which ends tonight at midnight. If you haven't entered yet, hurry, hurry! Click the picture below to go to the link to enter.

I'm linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her new series, "My Truth Monday".

This week in my class, we have CogAt testing for three days, so my LLI lessons are on hold. I also have to complete a DRA for every student by the end of the week, another reason for holding off on reading group instruction. We have that crazy Tuesday schedule of mine tomorrow, pumpkin book reports due Wednesday, and report card grades are due Friday. Pullin' out the whole group instruction with independent stations!

So, Stellaluna is on my mind, pumpkins and apples are callin' my name, and I have found the best resources lately, all for free, on Teachers Pay Teachers, and a couple of my blogs j'adore: and
I went out and bought my pumpkins, we've made our procedural text scarecrows, and we'll be reading Stellaluna and investigating pumpkins for the rest of the week, along with all the other craziness!

My Classroom Door with "I'm Special" corn

Aren't these the cutest? They're from Tech with Jen!

We made these pumpkin vines to sequence the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington. I love the way they turned out, so I put them under my Amelia Bedelia Apple Tree!

Stay tuned for a winner - lots of prizes from lots of friends! And hurry to enter if you haven't already!

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