Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fallin' For Tried It Tuesday

Since I'm back, I first want to thank everyone who sent me messages, prayers, hugs, and love. I really do appreciate all your kind words, and definitely know we bloggers stick together - that's how I knew I could tell y'all what was going on.

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And on to my tried its!
Although this isn't new, I was a little reluctant to try it with my kiddos this year. Amy Lemons introduced the adjective monsters a few years back. We've been studying adjectives as a part of our Mentor Sentences, based on Jivey's, and I thought my kiddos were ready. Turns out, they were! I've never had such creative monsters, such excited students, or such descriptive adjective graphic organizers before!

I love how accurate this drawing is, and its adjectives describe it perfectly! And check out these below - they are all so different, I was amazed at what great little artists I have on my hands!

Okay, so maybe it helped that my mom was at school today and just happened to read I Need My Monster, a fantastic book with onomatopoeia, incredibly descriptive language, and a variety of monstrous monsters. Whatever the reason, I'm so happy we tried this adjective activity!

 Would it be cheating to show you  some things I tried last Tuesday? It was Open House, and my mom visited to help me get ready. She reads to my class each Tuesday afternoon, but last week, she stayed after school and decorated for fall. She's really good at decorating, and loves holidays, so I just let her have my fall box and go at it!

Isn't she great?

One more cheat from last Tuesday, we began our adjective study with Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie.  First, we learned what adjectives did, and made an anchor chart with examples for each (smells, sounds, sizes, appearances, textures, feelings, etc.)

Then I drew Amelia, and had the kids come up with lots and lots of adjectives to describe her, as a character. We put them on apples and added them to my tree outside my old room (next door, and close enough to still claim a little wall space outside).


This week, I saw a cute idea in an old Mailbox Magazine, and thought I'd give it a try, with an addition. The ghost is featured in the magazine, but I thought the book was needed to contrast the long and short sounds, rather than just feature the long one. Can anyone think of any short oo words that don't end with k??? (and, yes, poo is in one of our LLI books this week!)

We've been studying addition strategies lately, so we consolidated them in this anchor chart as part of our review.

And that's it, guys.
Hugs til tomorrow,
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