Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clipopoly FREEBIE

Last night was Open House at my daughter's middle school (ugh - middle school mom?).  I was happily surprised to find so many creative things going on at the middle school level!

In social studies, the teacher was planning an introductory lesson to early civilizations, in which students would either be hunters or farmers, and would have to compete to survive.

I saw lots of interactive note-booking or journaling planned, and loved the fact that teachers at that level were using so many of the same types of teaching that we use in elementary school - at least that part of middle school transition will be easy!

In English, I saw a Homeworkopoly bulletin board.  I've somehow missed that on Pinterest, and wanted to take a photo, but I think my daughter would have died, on the spot, of mortifying embarrassment.  I mentioned it at school today and found that it's all over Pinterest.  I don't really have any trouble getting my kids to do their homework, so my thought was Clipopoly, as an added incentive for their already great behavior!
I can't wait to print this out in the morning, on our poster-maker.  It's 24 x 24 inches, and I made player chips and rules to go with it, too.  I'm sharing it for FREE for the next 24 hours only on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click {here} to get your free copy while they last!

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  1. Don't worry, I missed it on pinterest too! What a great idea! I am heading over to download it now - thank you!

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