Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Measurement Mania,,,In the Southern SNOW?

Or is it measurement maniac?  I feel like I've been working for-e-ver on my new measurement mega unit, but I'm so happy to share it with you!  So far, my kiddos are lovin' it.  We've made our snowpeople, played Icicle Measurement, and are working toward my other activities involving length right now.

In South Carolina, we wish for snow.  We have snow dances.  I was even taught, at an early age, to stand on the front porch, facing the house, and throw ice cubes over my left shoulder, out into the yard to encourage snow!  We pray for snow.  When we hear that snow might even think about coming, we run out to the grocery and buy up all the milk and bread, in case we're "snowed in" for days and days.  We celebrate snow - even a flake can send kids into a frenzy.  It's been exceptionally mild so far this winter, so I thought we'd have snow much fun with measurement, even if we can't measure real snowflakes, real icicles, real snowmen, or even if we don't see a single tiny snow-cloud.  My kids are into it - they're in their dang shorts, and we're running the fans in my room, because the heat won't turn off, but we're playin' in the snow, by goodness, and we are LOVING IT!

They don't know it yet, but they've earned a "compliment party", and I plan on our having a (paper) snowball fight on Friday!!!  Yep, that's how we roll down here.  So, to all my friends in Nebraska, I have to say how much I miss Y'ALL :), but your snow just "ain't right" - it's beautiful, and it's deep, and it sticks, and it stays for weeks - months even, but in all the time I lived there, I could only make one snowman because that snow is just too dry.  I'll never forget the first snow we had while living there - we got all bundled up, went out to play, and I picked up a handful of the white stuff to throw a snowball at my little girl, but couldn't even make a snowball...the snow just won't hold together.  It's like that plastic stuff we put all around our Christmas village!

Back to the measurement, this Winter-Themed Mega Unit covers all of the second grade CCSS MD standards 1-9, with over 40 pages of games, craftivities, hands-on measurement in standard and metric systems, word problems, practice pages, and ideas for centers, small groups, partners, individuals, and assessments.  Every page has teacher notes to explain how to set everything up, what to copy, what to post, etc.  I hope you'll love it as much as we are.  You can click HERE to get yours from Teachers Pay Teachers.

My next project is tackling the U. S. Regions for social studies.  It will include cultural contributions by Native Americans, immigrants, regional folk tales, tall tales, and fables, regional landscapes, economics, natural resources, and more.  It's a doozie, but should be ready soon!

Okay, my friends, it's once again almost midnight, and I'm still working, so it's off to bed for me, but remember, pray for a little snow to come our way!


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  2. Thanks, Lily! I'll check it out - I am still so new at the whole thing, and very much still learning!


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