Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knocked Some Sense Into My Head ( or maybe out of it)!

So, last week was a little odd, to say the least!  One of my best volunteer moms came in on Monday limping.  When I asked what was wrong, she told me her curling brush had caught ON FIRE, and that when she dropped it, it scratched her chin and she jumped back and slipped, hurting her hip.  I thought she was talking about the famous InStyler, and offered her mine (which I never use).  Before giving it to her though, I thought I'd try it out on my daughter and myself one last time, so Wednesday I got it out, heated it up, and was just finishing up the last strands of my bangs when I dropped it, jumped back and slipped.  Instead of hurting my hip, I fell completely backwards, cracking my head THREE times on the bathroom door hinge, the door frame and the floor.  Brilliant!  Within a minute or so, I realized I was bleeding - you know how head wounds bleed - a TON, but I didn't think too much of it until my husband came running over and freaked out!  He was yelling, trying to get me to stand up, making me hold a washcloth to my head, and all I could worry about was how hot that dang InStyler gets, and trying to get him to UN.PLUG. it!!!  Of course all of this was going on within about ten minutes of the usual time I leave for work, with my daughters in tow.  Naturally, we had a field trip scheduled, too.  Instead, I took a field trip to the E.R., where they stapled my head back together with SEVEN huge staples.
No one mentioned a concussion.  No one tested for a concussion.  Nothing.  I went home, slept all day and night, and went back to school the next day.  Pulling in the school parking lot in the pouring rain (the sixth straight day of it), I realized I had both morning and afternoon car duty.  Blech!  Then I got to my room, which looked like a disaster area (my fault, not the sub's).  I burst into tears.  I went to morning hall duty crying with quite the headache.  Everyone wanted to know why in the world I hadn't taken the day off, but I tried to explain that the next day, my Clare would have minor surgery.  My head hurt so bad, I couldn't even think straight.

Friday morning went well, and Clare did great.  I even worked on a social studies Regions Unit.  By afternoon, the headache was back.  I called my doctor, who sent me back to the E.R. (yep, that's three trips to the hospital in three days) for a CT scan.  Concussion.  Wow.  Lortab...works.  Okay, so now I had to cancel my chiropractor appointment, a massage, which I needed more than ever, and a hair cut & color appointment (which you can see I desperately needed to cover all the grey!).

What makes the whole thing hilarious to me is that the very first thing my assistant principal said to me was, "Well, did you knock some sense into that hard head?"  I laughed and said, "Greg, all I can do is pray that it didn't knock any more out!"  I also literally thank God for such a hard head and so much hair - you can't see a single thing with my hair fixed.

Moral of the story:  If you drop your curling brush, flat iron, InStyler, or whatever...DO NOT JUMP BACK!

Happy MLK, Jr. Day,


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