Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whooo Just Bought Something i??? and a FREEBIE for you!

WOW...was i ever surprised last night when my husband bought me an iPad!  i guess he feels kind of sorry for me, that i constantly search the Internet looking for an android version of Book Retriever, and come up with some app about dogs!  i'm all in a frenzy trying out all kinds of apps for my kiddos at school, and trying to find the very best uses for it before Tuesday.  i have a freebie for you, in celebration of my new toy...

Also, i've been working pretty hard this week on so many things my head's just about spun off:
1.  Learning a new reading series and the common core ELA alignment.
2.  Trying to teach place value, addition, subtraction, and strategies for all three at the same time to 7-year-olds, who have been in school for exactly 4 days.
3.  Recovering from a broken foot, which showed as sprained on the x-ray, June 30th, but broken with several torn ligaments and tendons in an MRI last Tuesday (the first day of school)!
4.  Trying to keep my head above water at home and school, when i'm an official member of the "single married mothers club", which i invented, and only means my husband works out of town most of the time.
5.  Still trying to perfect my schedule, classroom, and routines with my new babies (whom i absolutely adore, already).

i just completed a unit of games and a craftivity that i used to teach the commutative rule, as one of the strategies we can use to help memorize basic facts (a biggie in second grade).  It's called Flip Floppin' Math, and you can find it here on my TPT store.  My kids loved all the games and making their own flip flops.  i'll have to take some photos to post for you - they are all so cute!

And, by the way, GO TIGERS - yes, the Clemson ones, not the Auburn ones!


  1. I'm a single married mom too! And Geaux Tigers! The LSU ones not any of the others :)
    So sorry about the broken foot. What a terrible way to start the year!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

    1. Oh, Megan, then your super power is being a member of the SMM club! I am sorry, however, about your LSU problem (just kidding - we share the Tiger Rag, right???). Can't wait to check out your blog - I'm sure I'll be your newest follower. We single married moms have to stick together!

  2. I say "GO TIGERS" too!!!

    I'm your newest follower! Come check out my blog at:


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