Monday, September 24, 2012

P.S.A. & Froggies with a Freebie!

One of the first bloggers I began to follow was Hope King, at  Come to find out, she's practically my neighbor!  If you haven't seen her fabulous P.S.A math problem solving strategy folders, hop over to her site and check them out.  They are perfect for teaching strategic thinking, place value, word problem analysis, and numeracy.  Hope and I have teamed up to bring you two new fun units to use with her P.S.A. folders.

We hope you'll be hoppin' with success as you and your students have fun with problem solving!  Stay tuned for more P.S.A. units from me, and be sure to keep up with Hope - although she's pretty amazing, and tough to keep up with, it's worth a try.


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