About Me

After changing college majors three times, and a career in advertising and public relations, with some kinda big clients,

and a career in commercial real estate, with a couple of sorta big companies,

I finally decided what I wanted to do with my life! Leaving Baltimore, MD, making a great salary, I moved into my parents' house and went to grad school to be a teacher...I started out at the worst school in the largest district in South Carolina, which was the 50th state in education rankings. I L.O.V.E.D. it! Every single child there needed me. Every single family needed help. And as a single 30-something, I was willing and able to give everything to those precious families and children, who really didn't have much of anything. A few years later, I transferred across town to another tiny little school, whose families didn't have much...I had one student who lived in a car, one whose parents were both incarcerated, and no one knew until she and her baby sister ran out of food, the water and power were turned off, and she went next door to ask for some peanut butter. She'd been taking care of herself and her sister for two weeks, coming to school, doing her homework, and acting as if nothing was wrong. I was in love with these kids, too! They knew my car, when I drove into the projects, where they lived. They knew I'd do anything for them. They knew they were loved and safe in my little classroom.

Soon, I met this guy...

we were engaged in four months, and married eight months later. Seventeen years later, we're still together, have traveled the world, had one beautiful baby girl,

and followed God's plan, and my childhood dream, all the way to China to adopt another beautiful baby girl.
I stayed home for a while, to raise these precious babies, but went right back to teaching when they began school, and although they're my whole world, every baby I've ever taught has been so much "mine" that these two almost feel like they have hundreds of brothers and sisters! And I guess they kind of do. It seems like every time a child walks through my classroom door, they become one of my babies.
So that's me. I'm a God-praising wife, mother, artist, blogger, TPT store owner, and pretty lucky girl! Keeping all that balanced is what I'm all about!


I love to hear from you! Send me your comments, but be sure you're not a "no reply" sender, so I can write you back!