Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tried it Tuesday - Interactive Journals

This year, I'm moving back to fourth grade, but...a little secret...I'm terrified! It's been six years since I moved to second grade. Our standards have changed to the common core and from the common core. This summer, our new state standards were released, and my district is working furiously to put together pacing guides, but isn't quite finished. My classroom library, so lovingly collected and organized by Lexile, only goes up to about a 500! And that's with about 1,000 books! I have never seen the fourth grade math, science, or reading textbooks (not that I'm that big on textbooks, anyway), and just before school dismissed, I moved classrooms, removing all the non-U.S.History "stuff" from the room. Since then, I've decided to go self-contained, and teach all subjects to my kiddos, rather than let them switch around all day. My school has been a "hard-hat area" all summer, so no one can get to their classroom, either!

I need a Tried it Tuesday rescue, so I'm linking up with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper!

So, my Tried it Tuesday? Well, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure going full-force! I've bought several interactive journals and plan to use them in and across all subjects. That, too, will be new for me. Yikes! I decided today that I wanted a uniform look for all the icky composition notebooks that I'm requiring students use for their journals. Although all the journals I've purchased come with covers, I just kind-of wanted my own thing, ya know? So, here it is:

You can pick up a copy of all six covers from my TpT shop, or by clicking on the picture below:

Well, I'd best be getting back to my long-range plans. Just EIGHT days until I'm back at work!


  1. Oh Brooke! I can't imagine not being able to get into my classroom when switching grades and moving to new standards! Ahhh...thinking of you! It always all seems to get done somehow though. I love the covers you made. How are you planning to attach them? When do you start back? Thanks so much for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Hi Brooke! I understand your nervousness and I am right there with you. I am moving to 4th grade when school starts after being out of 4th for 15 years. I have used interactive notebooks for a few years and I love them. They are a fabulous tool.

    Sunshine and Education

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