Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday...On a FRIDAY!!!

End of the Year Popcorn and Movie Day!
You know it's near the end when you're showing movies each afternoon because your kids can barely focus on those, much less actual school work! Unfortunately, we're there...with an entire week left. Fortunately, Megan Mitchell has this super cute unit for movie day, so that you really can get some skills taught before and after a movie. We started using her unit today:)

I found a great old window frame in my own backyard a few weeks ago, and I've been trying to decide what to do with it. Today's the day. I've been perusing Pinterest for hours trying to decide.

Field Day was this week! Super hot, but super fun, thanks to our fantastic PE teacher, parent volunteers, and lotsa watta! Nothin' says field day like that wet puppy dog smell of the kiddos on a hot spring day. Sweet babies!

End of Year Smarty Pants Camp for Second Grade
We began Smarty Pants Camp today, and will work on this ca-yootie pa-tootie unit until the last day of school (I hope we can hang in there that long!). You can pick one up from TPT for your grade, too.

Um...cupcakes. The second batch in two days this week. But, I promise, the first was for Clare to take to school, and this one is because Callie has a friend sleeping over tonight, so we're baking! Well, my New Years goal of -60lbs is shot, I guess. I have not lost ONE pound since Christmas. No, we don't bake cupcakes every week, especially not twice. I think I'll have to finally break down and use the treadmill that I made Brady bring in the house last week if I want to lose even 60 ounces this year! I am SO stuck!!! Any alternate ideas would be appreciated - I hate to sweat!

That's it, guys. Not too much exciting going on this time of year, but I'm gearing up for packing it all up and starting my summer "job", which is when I can think straight enough to make some of the many project and unit ideas I've had all year long. Be lookin' for those soon!


  1. So...what did you end up doing with the window? I want to see pictures! I'm jealous you have a treadmill at your house. I'm too lazy to go downstairs to go to the workout room in my condo. I'm sure if I had one in the house it would probably collect dust. Who knows! Go do a walk workout for me!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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