Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently Helping Neighbors in Need

Good...ness! It's been since I blogged, y'all! Well, I'm back, with a fun and philanthropic Easter Math Centers Bundle and a link-up to Currently.

Check that last one...thank you, snow. You were pretty, but not worth a Saturday workday at the end of the year!

Check out my new addition (with addition included) to my TPT store:
This super-easy and cute bundle comes with six math stations. All proceeds now through Easter 2014 will go to the Berthrong family, who lost all their belongings in a fire last night. This precious family made it out, pets and all, but have absolutely nothing, except the clothes they had on. My sweet former student didn't even have on a pair of shoes. Thanks for helping them by counting your blessings, and your eggs!



  1. Woah, never heard of a Saturday school day before. That stinks! Sorry.

  2. I am in the Spring Break countdown too! It can't some quick enough! Nice to "meet" you through currently and prayers for the family that lost their home in the fire.

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain


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