Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday

I'm super-excited to link up with my birthday bloggy buddy, Jessica, at Ideas By Jivey to share this awesome product with you! When I moved to second grade a few years back, it seemed that all the other teachers had "morning work" they used to keep their students busy while the teachers took attendance, lunch counts, receipted money, etc. I was SO not used to having to assign anything like that, having taught older kids. Anyway, I had no idea what to assign. For a few weeks I scrapped around and had one of the teachers e-mail me her morning work, which was on the Polyvision Board, but she'd forget, and I'd feel like a moocher asking, and I ended up just throwing old worksheets on desks each morning to review random skills I'd taught at some point in the year.

Last year, BAM! I found IT...THE product...the end-all, be-all fantabulous morning work! And it was all Common Core aligned, and it was all spiraling, and it was awesome! I bought the packet withing moments of finding it. So simple...Second Grade Common Core Morning Work, by Second Story Window rocks my world! Here's a sample page from the preview on TPT:
You can click on the sample page to go straight to this product. Be aware that it is 180 pages - one for each day of school, and requires lots of copying and should probably be comb-bound. Ideally, you'd want to purchase this in advance of a school year and have it all ready to go on the first day, so your class gets the routine and spiraling skill sequence down as soon as possible. That said, Second Grade Common Core Morning Work has saved my life, sanity, and far exceeds the board work I tried so hard to emulate during that first year in second grade. It covers every reading and math skill, sometimes before I do, which is great for building background knowledge for when I get to those skills, and sometimes afterward, also great for keeping skills fresh all year long! Best $26 I ever spent!



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