Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keeping Your Budget Balanced

Teaching is a tough business. The hours are long - whether acknowledged or not. The pay isn't great, although the payoff is priceless! The curriculum changes, the classroom dynamics change, the administrations change, and the expectations for and from each and every child are different. One of the best things to have come along is Teachers Pay Teachers, allowing teachers to build their resources, while streamlining their bag of tricks. I know, we teachers already spend a lot of money on our classrooms, our students, and on resources. My receipts for this year, so far, are over $1,000, not including the little gems I find at the grocery store, the dollar stores, or even garage sales, etc., that I don't keep separate! So, when there's a great bargain out there, I want to know about it, and I'll bet you do, too. 

Beginning tomorrow, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a 3-Million Member SALE with up to 28% off in selected stores. I've listed every single product in my store for sale at 28% off - you can click here to check out the savings, and click here to see lots of other participating stores.

Keep your budget, and your sanity, balanced by snatching up the savings while they last! Have a great time shopping, and link back up at Blog Hoppin' to show off your best finds!


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