Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently Can't Wait to SHOP til I DROP!

Oh, I just can't believe it's December! I just don't know where November went - it seems like Halloween was yesterday, and we only have 14 days of school left before Christmas break! How will I fit it all in? We have so much to do, and practically no time! I don't even have all the Thanksgiving Turkey letters put together yet, and all that has to come down tomorrow...

Well, I am excited to get going on our holiday plans. Sweet Anna Brantley shared the cutest Common Core Gingerbread True or False Math Freebie, and I added some two-digit cookies to hers to differentiate for my babies, so I have that cut out and ready to go tomorrow. We're also adding some holiday words to our word work station. I printed a few pictures with one letter on each, so that the pictures go together to spell a word. I made a little recording sheet for making words from the letters, so that my kiddos can use them as manipulatives to independently practice making 2-6 letter words and record them. I should post those...hmmm. It's been a while since I put anything on my Facebook Freebie page...We'll also be reading my fave, Auntie Claus, beginning tomorrow, and working with my Auntie Claus Common Core Unit.

That reminds me to share my visual plans with you. Go ahead and open the Google Docs version to click on the links.

Besides all that, I'm excited to link up with Farley for her December Currently. It's been months since I was on the ball enough to participate!
1. Even though no one but me is in the room, football is blaring, and has been all weekend!
2. My hubby and I have been going through a rough patch, which I know God put in our lives to bring us closer. Through friends, we found an incredible counselor, who is also an ordained minister, and have been seeing him for about six weeks. He has changed our lives! Our entire family functions better. Hubby and I communicate better. We are back IN LOVE, not just "love you, too" land. Our children behave better, and bless me, I am S-L-O-W-L-Y learning to use my mouth's filter! So, our 13th anniversary might be our luckiest ever!
3. So, part of the problem in number 2 is that we were all set to buy a house in September, all pre-approved, offer accepted, etc., when the hubs let me know he hadn't filed his income taxes in three years. WHAT??? Well, the house we currently live in is for sale, and our lease ends January 31st. Where we'll be? Who knows, but God always has a plan, and His plans are always better than those we can dream up, so I'm leaving it to Him.
4. You can relate, right?
5. Ever since I was a little girl, we've gone to my great aunt Chee-Chee's house on Christmas Eve. It's always been our family's biggest Christmas celebration/tradition. I adore her, her house, seeing all the great aunts and uncles, aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins, new babies, old decorations, and all the excitement of the "big" 30 minute drive to and from her house to ours. We ALWAYS look for Rudolph on the way home.

Finally, if you've stayed with me this long, the shopping begins tomorrow:
Check out all your favorite sellers, and clear out those shopping carts and wish lists!

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  1. God always has a way for things to work out! Sending prayers your way! I can relate about the to do list...something about this time of year!


  2. My list of things to do this year is always long too. I think it is just a busy time of year for everyone. Thanks for shaing.


    1. Definitely crazy time of year! I haven't even really thought about Christmas shopping, or finished decorating my house. It currently looks like Christmas threw up in my living room!


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