Friday, July 19, 2013

My Own Five for Friday with a Techy Bloglovin' Tip

I know, Kasey at Doodle Bugs Teaching is taking some well deserved time off from her Five, but I have five things!  (can you hear my whiny voice?)

WOW!  I cannot believe a whole week has gone by without my blogging once!  I'm sorry!!!  It's been quite the week...

I had to run over to my school Tuesday to drop off a couple of million things I've accumulated this summer. Otherwise my car was no longer going to fit in our garage!  My new classroom's floor has been waxed, so I knew I was in the clear to make my delivery.  While I was there, I took some measurements and pictures so I could start thinking about how to lay it out.

This is the front of the room, with my carpet all fresh and clean!  Yea! 
The view from the door shows my wonderful wall space (I am SUPER excited about having walls!!!)

As you take a look around, you might notice I have A LOT of stuff in here...but, look, there's even more wall space!

Um, did I mention lots of stuff?  Yep, that's stacked to the CEILING!

And, we've come full circle.  YIKES!  I'm slightly intimidated by where to begin!  And remember, I was bringing in MORE stuff!!!
It'll get there!  I found the best bookcases ever at the Salvation Army - that's right - Salvation Army!  They ROCK, and I can't wait to reveal them later, along with all the other fabulous finds I've been snatching up this summer!

We have been looking at houses this summer.  The one we currently live in is my absolute dream house, but we are renting it, and might not be able to buy it when our lease is over.  That puts me in panic mode, so I've dragged my husband and kids all over the place looking to see "what's out there".  This week, as we were looking, a huge storm came in.  I'm talking a Nebraska storm (I know because I lived there for five years). It hailed.  It rained.  It lightninged.  It thundered.  The wind blew.  A tree fell on my parents' house.  What?That's right.  A tree fell on my parents' house.  OH MY!!!

This is the end of the house, where the tree literally broke in half over the roof.
We've been experimenting with hairdos and went to a birthday party, where they came up with this one. Isn't she beautiful?  She's mine.

I made my big girl some new curtains to go with her new big girl room re-do.  Okay, so, really, I just ironed a duvet cover and clipped it up to the rod that was there before, because she wanted a tie-back.  But still, her room looks super cute!

My baby girl had a teeny-tiny outpatient surgery today.  She did GREAT!  They called her the patient of the day, and she came home and immediately ate TWO bowls of mac & cheese, and has been playing Mine Craft and watching Jessie this afternoon!
Before...she's way too excited to be in the hospital! the recovery room with Pansy the Panda, her surgery buddy.
I printed out my copy of my Teacher's Organizer Binder and have already started using it!  I wrote about it earlier here, but here are some photos of it in my notebook (sorry about the color - my ipad doesn't take the best pictures):

Bonus Tip:  If you're not lovin' Bloglovin's screen, the one that doesn't allow you to pin pictures, and the posts remain an extension of Bloglovin', I have figured it out!!!  First, click on your face (or in my case my lovely lack of face).  Next, choose settings.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "I don't want the frame".  Viola! You still get your feed, but without the annoying window! :)

Have a great weekend!
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