Friday, December 7, 2012

On the Second (and Third) Day of Christmas...

I gave my students two snowflakes yesterday - one to make from paper, and one pre-cut from foam.  Their designs were amazing!  I'll have to get you some photos (sorry) tomorrow, but I found the perfect way to fold the paper to make even the worst scissor-user in the world a fabulous snowflake maker.  It was on Pinterest, and it's pinned to my winter board right here.  You'll be amazed, and your kids will ask you to fold more, and more, and more...add scrap-booking scissors for even prettier designs!

Today, on the third day of Christmas, I gave each of my students three holiday stories to read with a partner from fifth grade.  They absolutely loved this activity!  Some of my students were able to read with their cousins, brothers, and I was able to see my fifth grade daughter interact with my students, too.

We are working on a door-decorating contest for our hallway, and my kiddos love my Auntie Claus unit so much, we decided to do the whole hallway with elves, Auntie, the famous Santa Moon, and the snowy scene of the North Pole village as seen from afar, when Sophie landed from her elevator ride.  I cannot wait to finish and get you some photos!

Stay with me - I promise to take pictures on Monday!


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