Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scarecrows, and Apples, and Pumpkins...Oh My!

Our Halloweenish Porch
We just turned off the porch light at our house, declaring Halloween officially over.  Whew!  What a crowd. I L.O.V.E. living in a neighborhood that has so many children, and has lots and lots of trick-or-treaters.

My favorite chair
I've missed school for the past three days, with a very sick little one.  Truly, for the first time this year, I've felt fall in the breezes and smelled it in the air.  I can't wait to get back to my kiddos and hear all about their adventures tonight!
So pretty for a gypsy!

This week, we celebrate Scarecrow Day, a long-standing second grade tradition at my school.  I'm at least as excited as my kids - I even dressed as a scarecrow to answer the door.
Scarecrow Day 2012
This Scarecrow Day,
I came up with these two mini-units that my class will be doing during Scarecrow Day.  They are common core aligned, use apples and pumpkins, and include deep thought-provoking questions, estimations, and strategic problem solving, as well as incorporating measurement and graphing from CCSS.  I'm relieved I put them together just in time - Scarecrow Day is Friday!  You can click on the pictures to get your own copy of each.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


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