Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Week Down, SALE, and Freebies!

I made it through the first week of school! Is that what you're thinking this year? Or are you still dreading that first week? Either way, you might be in the wrong place...and maybe not even know it!

This year, I am teaching art for the first time ever. After 20 years, I finally finished everything I needed to do to add art to my certification. And I moved classrooms. Again. It was AWFUL!!!
The room AFTER throwing a dumpster-full away!
Roach and mouse poop...EVERYWHERE!

At least I know what it is now!
The room I went into hadn't been cleaned out in over 20 years, but with lots of help, I got it all cleaned out and set it up my way. Then I went home and worried all summer. Was I doing the right thing? What if I didn't like it? What if I wanted to go back to second grade, or fourth, or any? But after one day, I knew. I couldn't stop smiling. It was like I'd won the lottery! I LOVE it! And now I know. After the first week, if you feel like you survived, you might need a drastic change, because I thought I loved teaching. And maybe I did, but, y'all, this is amazing! I practically skip down the halls. I have fun all day, every day. I'll take some pictures of the "after" this week!

I'm probably working harder than ever...all new lesson plans, no curriculum, just standards, weird supplies that I don't know how to use, and going from fifth graders to baby kindergarteners to TMD classes. I know, we all think the related arts teachers have it SO easy. We're wrong. They We get pulled in a million directions all day, every day. We have more hall duties, less lunch time, combined into planning, not both, more committees, and everyone comes to related arts teachers for ideas and favors. We're the first ones to fill in when a sub can't get there on time, and the custodians? They empty my trash. That's all. Meaning I clean my tables, I sweep my floor, I clean the sinks and wash the walls and make sure crayons don't get slid across the tile, jammed into the cracks, permanently. BUT, I love it! LOVE IT! I feel like, after all those years, I am finally doing what I was meant to do. It really is my #bestyearever!

Here's a FREEBIE for you, if you're a TPT seller: 

It's a sale banner, so if you're not a TPT seller, you know what that must mean...A SALE. Yep, it's tomorrow, one day only, site-wide, with up to 28% off. Use sale code OneDay to get the best pricing!

Now I have another freebie for all of you! It's the lesson I'm currently teaching in art, but it is all math-integrated, with some vocabulary and ELA, and a dash of self-esteem thrown in!
I know you've seen zentangles all over Pinterest, and in every book store and craft store known to mankind. They are pretty Zen, after all! This summer, I started fooling around with them and decided they were the perfect first lesson for all my art classes. They're easy to differentiate. You really can't "mess up". And they easily teach at least two of the elements of art, and can teach more. They tie in with math - think patterns, measurement, geometry, language arts - think vocabulary, and even social studies, if you want to explain Zen, as a religious practice. I'm using rectangular zentangles as covers for my students' sketchbooks. In art, this will be a three-part lesson. In the regular classroom, I'd just use parts one and two (if you even need part two). See the whole thing at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but hurry! It's only free during the one day sale!

Have your #bestyearever and check back soon for more!



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